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DMB-23-02 SECOND STRUCTURE - COATING REMOVAL & REPLACEMENT, EAST GIRDER SPANS 2023 Annual Maintenance Bridge Span Painting Open Construction 01-27-2023 09:47 AM EST 02-23-2023 11:30 AM EST Participants
DMB-22-04 2022 MISCELLANEOUS STEEL REPAIRS, FIRST AND SECOND STRUCTURES Annual Bridge Steelwork Repairs and Asset Prevention Open Construction 05-04-2022 01:31 PM EDT 05-20-2022 11:00 AM EDT Participants
DMB-23-50 STAKE BODY TRUCK CHASSIS UPFITS 2023 Annual Minor Capital Equipment (DMB) Open Material, Equipment, and Supplies 01-19-2023 04:29 PM EST 02-23-2023 11:00 AM EST Participants
CS-23-01 AIRPORT LEGAL COUNSEL AIRPORT LEGAL COUNSEL Open Professional Services 12-01-2022 01:43 PM EST 01-10-2023 11:00 AM EST Participants
CS-23-02 PAY CLASSIFICATION PLAN SERVICES & COMPENSATION CONSULTANT Pay Classification Plan Services & Compensation Consultant Open Professional Services 01-18-2023 10:49 AM EST 03-10-2023 11:00 AM EST Participants
CS-22-02 ACTUARIAL VALUATION AND ADVISORY SERVICES FOR PENSION FUNDS AND OTHER POST-EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS Actuarial Valuation and Advisory Services Open Professional Services 06-28-2022 10:02 AM EDT 06-29-2022 11:00 AM EDT Participants